Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Vegetables-Health Benefits Of Cucumber:Most of the people dont know that Cucumber is actually belongs to the family of fruits although it is used as a vegetable in our house. In the ancient history there was a Roman empire who used to add cucumber to his daily food menu. Mostly grown in Haryana state this fruit is a warehouse of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folic acid which can be very handy in avoiding skin, eye diseases and cancer.

As cucumber contains large amount of water percentage, it is highly recommend by the physicians for reducing body fat as well as overcoming the dehydration problem. The abundant presence of fiber and water is very useful in keeping away the kidney problems where as containing of potassium and magnesium in it controls the blood pressure. In spite of such advantages, the excess intake of cucumber may result in repetitive blenching and also its toxic nature makes the skin itchy.

In Indian villages especially in both the Telugu states, cucumber is used frequently for making pickles. It is a common practice for urban people to make it as a beauty product. The pulp and juice of cucumber are widely used in skin toning mask techniques and moisturizers. According to beauticians consuming cucumber juice is very effective in reducing hair fall. That is why, many health specialists named it as an all round performer in terms of health.

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Published On Thursday, 2nd August 2018