Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Spices:Health Benefits Of Garlic is one of the most important and useful herb in our day to day life. The aroma and flavor it add to the recipes is enormous and the benefits it provide in the herbal medicine is endless. Most of the health experts suggest to take it daily as it has rich antioxidants with low calories. Its history is very ancient and the research people traced its origin in Asian countries. Production wise, China holds top place with 80% production rate followed by India. So, lets find out what are the main pros and the unknown cons with it.

Major pros of Garlic

A Healthy Heart : Garlic has sulfur compounds that are quite essential for keeping our heart healthy. It assures lower blood pressure and decreases the chances of heart stroke drastically.

Lowers cholesterol : Raise in the levels of cholesterol is a major cause for heart attack. Use of Garlic daily can decrease the cholesterol levels drastically.

Fights with Cancer : According to researchers, the anti bacterial nature of garlic avoids the formation of cancer cells. That is why it is frequently given to the cancer suffering patients.

Improves the Immunity : Its anti bacterial nature also improves our immune system and fights with certain diseases. That is why our ancient people recommend to eat two cloves per day to keep away diseases like cough, cold and flu.

Improves Digestion : It ensures effective functioning of Intestines and avoids bloating and diarrhea.

Rich in Nutrition : Garlic is rich in Manganese, vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Manganese ensures better coordination between nerves, brain and muscles. We all know vitamin C can cure many diseases including cold while vitamin B6 maintains the functioning of nerves and skin effectively.

Prevents Aging : Oxidative stress or damage leads to early aging in humans. Garlic which has rich antioxidants can reduce the stress feeling and ensures a protective mechanism for the body.

Main cons of Garlic

Unpleasant smell : The primary disadvantage considered with garlic is its unpleasant smell. It doesnt go even after you brush it and one can feel ashamed while talking to others. Using a mouth freshener is better idea to avoid this problem.

Can cause Allergy : Even though it has many benefits some studies proved that it can cause allergy and itching in some people. Consuming garlic on empty stomach is the main reason the observers have found for it.

Indigestion : It is a contradiction to the above mentioned benefit that it ensure the digestive system but it is true says some health experts. Excess consume of garlic can trigger Indigestion and even cause diarrhea and bloating.

Health tip for throat pain, cold, skin infection:

Make paste of two garlic cloves and add two table spoons of honey. Take this medicine daily on empty stomach for a week. It also increases your immune system.

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Published On Monday, 24th September 2018