Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Uses Of Spices:Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves are the natural fragrant and flavoring agents widely used in every Indian cuisine. Most of the Indian people have an opinion that the taste of any recipe is incomplete without adding of these leaves. It is an old herbal plant rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins, Calcium that can protect us from many health issues. Originated from India and later spread to Sri Lanka, these beneficial leaves are also considered as harmful to the body. It may look strange but it is true, says some health experts. So lets find out what are the common advantages and unknown drawbacks of these leaves.

  • Cures Anemia : If you consume curry leaves for a month it can cure Anemia disease. It is caused due to lack of iron and curry leaves are very rich in iron and folic acids.
  • Liver Protector : Curry Leaves are very rich in antioxidants that are very much essential for a healthy liver. Also these leaves work as a laxative in cleaning the stomach thereby ensuring its effective function.
  • Fat reducing agent : So many studies have proved that curry leaves can reduce the fatty contents in the body. People who are looking to reduce the body weight can consume it daily without any doubt.
  • Avoids Hepatitis : Curry leaves have more number of antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C which plays vital role in avoiding Hepatitis.
  • Eye protector : Lack of Vitamin A can lead to loss of vision or night blindness, as curry leaves are one of the main source of Vitamin A these problems can be simply eradicated.
  • Anti diabetic agent : Health experts have proved that curry leaves have the potential to control the diabetes. They recommend to consume these leaves every day with their regular diet.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine : The paste of curry leaves can be used as a very good remedy to cure skin infections, for healing the wounds, for providing relief to the burns etc. These leaves are also well used in solving the hair related issues.
  • There are very less drawbacks with curry leaves compared to other regular herbs. According to some researchers the raw usage of curry leaves may result in diarrhea and vomiting. This happens when the curry leaves are contaminated with a typical bacteria called Salmonella.
  • So it is advised to cook the curry leaves deeply so that these type of bacteria are eradicated. At the same time make sure that you dont fry them as the nutrition value decreases drastically.
  • These leaves are also used in some hair oils to increase the hair growth as well as to prevent the premature greying. But the excess use of it may decrease the strength of the roots. Hence limited usage is advised in this regard.

Even though curry leaves have some drawbacks, these can be termed as the most beneficial and customary herbs used in every kitchen item. If we give an exception for excess consuming of these raw leaves, everything it gives is very hygienic. So without any worry you can use it regularly.

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Published On Thursday, 20th September 2018