Health Benefits Of Coriander

Health Benefits Of Coriander

Uses Of Spices:Health Benefits Of Coriander is another rich source of health properties which is frequently used in our day to day life. The complete plant is edible where the leaves and seeds are very commonly included in almost all recipes around the world. While generating a pleasant smell these items provide enormous taste to the food. Apart from that, these spices also ensure the effective function of digestive system. But that is all aside, it has some set of drawbacks that would be very harmful to our health. Lets find out what are the pros and cons about this edible plant.


  • Leaves are called fresh coriander which is a frequent garnishing aromatic substance in all southern countries of Asia. Its usage is very common in chutneys as well as salads.
  • These leaves are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and proteins which are very much essential for maintaining immune system and bone health.
  • As Vitamin K is very important for curing Alzheimer disease, coriander leaves provide best cure for this disease.
  • Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants coriander leaves are very good for eye protection. According to health specialists these leaves also act as antiseptic to mouth ulcers.
  • Coriander seeds are often called dhania in Indian languages. These seeds are well used in medicinal field apart from cuisine.
  • Like coriander leaves dhania is also rich in Iron, vitamins, calcium, magnesium as well as folic acids which makes it as a very good healing substance for many diseases.
  • The seed powder acts as an exceptional remedy for skin, mouth and hair related issues.
  • Drinking coriander seed water on empty stomach can increase the function of digestive system.
  • Regular usage of dhania avoids hypertension, diabetics, cold and flu.


  • Fresh coriander leaves have antioxidants that are very much helpful for liver function. But excess adding of these antioxidants into our body results in liver damage, says some health experts.
  • Excess intake of these leaves may result in lowering blood pressure as well as stomach dysfunction. According to health specialists only 250 grams of coriander should be consumed per a week.
  • Causing diarrhea, resulting in chest pain and discomfort in breathing are some of the frequent occurring with these leaves when taken beyond the limit.
  • Like leaves coriander seeds are also very much useful for liver functioning. But if the oil present in seeds become excess, it may affect the liver. so limited consumption is suggested by the experts.
  • Also the excess intake of seeds result in allergic problems, tooth aches, hernia and other skin related issues. Generally these can be seen in people who are sensitive to environmental changes and have less immune system. They are advised to consult the physician as soon as they are affected.
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Published On Wednesday, 12th September 2018