Health Benefits Of Ginger

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Uses Of Spices:Health Benefits Of Ginger is one of the key ingredients of world cuisine. It is a great spice with enormous health benefits and adds specific taste to the food. Hence it is commonly used in all vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. Apart from fragrant spice it is also used as a healing agent. The bioactive compound named gingerol present in ginger enhances its usage in medicine with anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Although the benefits of ginger is endless this spice is not an exception from having cons. So lets see what are the pros and cons of this fragrant spice.

The major pros of Ginger
  • In India it is an old age tradition to use ginger juice for curing fever, cough and cold. According to the medicinal experts taking two to three table spoons of ginger juice with honey or water gradually decreases the fever as well as flu.
  • The anti inflammatory property in ginger ensures good digestion and avoids stomach ache. This property is also responsible for providing great relief from gastric troubles.
  • It is termed as a natural pain killer and great care taker of respiratory system. Some researchers also proved that ginger is a very good agent for reducing cancer cells.
  • Daily intake of ginger in less quantities avoids heart attack and prevents bacterial formation in stomach, ensuring effective function of immune system.
  • Ginger tea is termed as elixir, as its benefits are unlimited. It helps in reducing blood pressure, prevents acidity, makes to lose weight, avoids skin diseases, relieves migraine, stops aging what not.
  • Hence most of the health experts recommend to make a habit of drinking ginger tea regularly.
  • Consuming ginger with milk is said to be a best remedy for increasing immune system and reducing body fat.
What are the cons with ginger ?
  • Ginger can also become toxic if consumed in excess. It has the ability to lower the blood pressure as well as increase the hypertension. As a result people with blood pressure problem are advised to stay away from ginger.
  • Although it has anti inflammatory properties, excess taking of ginger results in gas trouble, heart burn and stomach irritation. Hence health specialists recommend not less than 4gm of ginger daily.
  • As it can show great effect on glucose levels, diabetic patients are warned on over consumption of ginger.
  • According to experts ginger may result in bleeding problem, so the pregnant women are advised to be careful while taking ginger.

Experts say that, the cons of any herb will occur due to the interaction of other medication. So healthy people need not to worry about the cons of natural ingredients like ginger, but are advised to be cautious regarding excess intake.

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Published On Tuesday, 4th September 2018