Health Benefits Of Clove

Health Benefits Of Clove

Uses Of Spices-Health Benefits Of Clove:Some people usually say that clove is the only food spice that brings water in our mouth with its smell. It is not an exaggeration to say that every Asian and African countries dont have a single house without this spice. Such an exceptional spice has wide range of uses and it is considered to be a great herbal agent. But the king of flavor also has some cons, says some people. Lets see what are the advantages and disadvantages this enormous spice has !

  • In India cloves are widely used in Ayurvedic field. It is also well used in Chinese medicine. Cloves are said to be a good herbal agent in almost all western countries.
  • In the dental field the oil of cloves is used as a pain killer. It is also used in the treatment of decayed tooth and chewing of cloves provides great relief from toothache.
  • It is considered to be a very good medical agent for the problems related to kidneys and stomach.
  • According to Ayurvedic health specialists cloves are very much useful in reducing fever and it can also be used as a mosquito and ant repellent.
  • Cloves or clove oil can reduce blood sugar levels and it can eradicate premature ejaculation problem but, there are no clinical proofs for these utilities.
  • Apart from medical and herbal uses it is also widely used in making commercial products like cigarettes and perfumes.
  • The chemical substance named eugenol in clove makes the blood to clot resulting in an increase of bleeding. People who are suffering with blood bleeding and yet to make a surgery are advised by the health specialists to stay away from cloves.
  • Using clove oil makes the skin sensitive and can cause skin allergy.
  • The cigarettes made by cloves involves in triggering respiratory problems.
  • Cloves reduces the glucose content in our body as a result it may show an impact in lowering the blood sugar levels falling from normal to very low levels.
  • According to some health experts excess intake of clove oil leads to liver damage.

Whatever may be the cons, natural products are always acceptable as they are health friendly, says a health expert. But everything in limit can keep you safe even from minute hazards.

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Published On Saturday, 11th August 2018