Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Uses Of Spices-Health Benefits Of Cardamom:Adding flavors to special food items not only increases the taste but also brings more brightness to the occasion. Cardamom is one of such spice, that it occupies the third place in the category of the most expensive spice items.

Types and Production

Cardamom is classified into two types, Green and black. Green Cardamom is mostly grown in India and exported to Malaysia where as black cardamom is cultivated in Nepal, Himalayan regions, some parts of Bengal and Bhutan. According to the researchers Sri Lanka is the first country to trade Cardamom across the countries followed by Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


  • Named as Ilaychi in Indian National language, cardamom is widely used in India for adding extra flavor to food items like biryani, kheer etc. Termed to be a herbal product, Cardamom seeds are frequently used in medicine.
  • The uses of cardamom are countless and It is the best medicine in avoiding digestion problems, constipation, diarrhea, liver dysfunction, cough, cold and other infections.
  • From a research it is evident that, people suffering with high blood pressure are able to reduce their blood pressure by consuming cardamom regularly.
  • Drawbacks

  • It is sad to say such a useful spice like Cardamom has also got some cons. Cardamom is a peculiar spice which leads to gallstone problem in humans. Experts say, the excess intake of Cardamom may leads to form stones in the kidneys.
  • Unreliably, overtaking of cardamom results in throat and chest pain and it may lead to miscarriage in pregnant woman.
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Published On Saturday, 4th August 2018