Health Benefits Of Cumin

Health Benefits Of Cumin

Uses Of Spices:Health Benefits Of Cumin belongs to the Apiaceae family. Cumin seeds are used as a spice in cooking practices of Indian Subcontinent, Asian, and African countries. Ground cumin is used as an essential in different dishes due to distinct warm and earthy flavor. Cumin is known as Jeera in Hindi, Jilakara in Telugu, Jeeragam in Tamil, and Jeere in Marathi. A cumin seed has a lined pattern of nine ridges and oil canals. Cumin is brownish in color with an oval shape.

Cumin Nutrition

Cumin is the source of iron, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin B1. It also contains other vitamins such as riboflavin, A, C, E, K, and vitamin B6. Cumin contains minerals like zinc, copper, and potassium.

Uses of Cumin

Cumin seed is used as an ingredient in cakes, cheese, bread, and curry powders. In medicine, it is used as a drug, carminative, and stomachic.

Cumin Seeds - The Enjoyable Spice!

Cumin seeds are available in two colors - amber, and black. The amber seeds are most common seeds and the black seeds have a complex flavor, and they are different from cumin seeds. Black cumin seeds contain vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fatty acids. Black cumin seeds are known to be healing qualities. Islam culture believes black cumin heal any disease and in Bible, they are said to be curative black seeds.

Skin Benefits of Cumin

Some of the benefits of Cumin in skincare are as follows:

Cumin Seeds are used for Boils Treatment

The appearance of boils on skin indicates accumulation of a toxic substance in the body. Usage of cumin in food helps in keeping skin free from boils, pimples, and rashes. Cumin comprises with Thymol and Phosphorus which are said to be detoxifying agents and helps to remove toxic compounds from the body.

Treatment for Skin Diseases

Cumin protects the skin from fungal and microbial infections. By applying cumin paste on pimples, psoriasis, and other skin diseases facilitates quick healing.

Cumin Cures Itchiness and Body Heat

If you’re suffering from itchiness and body heat, you can put some cumin seeds in boiled water. Once it is cooled, take a bath with that water.

Hair Benefits of Cumin

Our hair is composed of many nutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates and nutrients are required for healthy growth. Black cumin contains more than hundred nutrients and vitamins to replenish your hair.

Treatment of Hair Loss

Black cumin reduces baldness and hair falling. You can mix equal quantities of black cumin and olive oil. After a bath, apply this on the bald portion of your head. It promotes hair growth and stops hair from falling.

Treatment of Dandruff

The oil extracted from cumin seeds contains carminative and antioxidant. It is used for head massage in aromatherapy and scalp treatments to get rid of dandruff.

Health Benefits of Cumin

Lets have a look at health benefits of cumin seeds:

Reduces Sugar Levels in Blood

Cumin reduced sugar levels in blood and helps in maintaining proper blood content levels in the body.

Rich in Iron

Cumin seeds are rich in iron and help to treat anaemia, and increases hemoglobin content in blood.

Reduces Asthma

Cumin seeds contain Thymoquinone and also reduces inflammatory process that causes asthma.

Tips for Usage of Cumin in Cooking or Eating

Cumin seeds are used for the variety of recipes like curries, soups, and stews. Below are certain tips for using this spice.

Cumin in Jeera Rice

Jeera rice is a common dish in India prepared by roasting cumin seeds in butter, frying the rice and cooking with water. This tasty combination can be used to flavor with vegetables, chicken, and fish dishes.

Cumin in Curries

Cumin used in curries to enhance the flavor of legumes such as garbanzo beans, and lentils.

Cumin in Dal Tadka

Dal is famous in Indian cuisine. The cumin seeds used for providing Tadka in Dal for imparting a warm flavor.


Most of the researches shown that cumin boosts the immune system and helps to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Simultaneously, it can prevent cancer disease at the initial stage.

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Published On Monday, 2nd July 2018