Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

Health Benefits Of  Fenugreek

Spices:Health Benefits Of Fenugreek is one more important flavoring and garnishing food item in the cuisine. Apart from that its uses as a medicinal herb are unimaginable, that is why it is called as multipurpose herb. Rich in several vitamins and minerals, it is originated from Asian countries. Coming to production, India has occupied top place in the world with Rajasthan being the stakeholder in its entire production. It belongs to the special category of plants where the total plant is consumed for great health. But that is all one side, fenugreek is also harmful to health. Lets see what are the drawbacks and benefits with it.

  • Like Peanuts, some people also feel allergic to fenugreek as it belongs to the same category.
  • People suffering with asthma and thyroid are advised to stay away from fenugreeks as they have the quality to worsen the situation.
  • Fenugreek have the tendency to interact with the drugs, so diabetic patients are advised to be careful while taking the medication as it may decrease the blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek is used to improve the breastfeeding capacity in mothers, but the excess intake can cause loose motions in mothers as well as newly born babes. Sometimes it can cause even diarrhea also.
  • It can lead to bad odor, people who take fenugreek regularly may find their body sweat and urine smell differently.
  • Also called as Methi in India, Fenugreek is a famous traditional herbal medicine. The leaves of it has prominent uses in cuisine. Like green tea, you can make simple tea with fenugreek leaves also, it has great health benefits.
  • Regular usage of its leaves can control the diabetes, avoids any heart risks, lowers blood cholesterol, improves the digestion and lowers the body weight.
  • It is good for protecting skin as it has many anti aging compounds.
  • Fenugreek is famously known as hair protector since it avoids dandruff, adds shine to the hair, prevents hair fall and early graying.
  • Fenugreek seeds have anticancer effects and the oil extracted from these seeds is used to fight against cancer.
  • It is a traditional practice to use the fenugreek flour to increase the breast milk production in pregnant women.
  • Its seeds have anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can reduce arthritis pains.
  • Health experts advice to take fenugreek seeds either directly or as a flour in cuisine, if you want to reduce your body weight.
  • Finally, its uses are enormous in the effective functioning of kidney and liver.
  • Health tip : For diabetes and weight loss

  • Add two tea spoon full of raw methi flour to half glass of butter milk. Consume it daily to control the diabetes.
  • For losing weight, soak one tea spoon of fenugreek in a glass of water overnight.
  • Early in the morning filter the water and consume on empty stomach. Do it for one month and you will see the improvement.
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Published On Thursday, 25th October 2018