Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Uses Of Spices:Health Benefits Of Turmeric , usually called as Haldi in India, is the great medicinal herb and spice used in the world cuisine. Especially in India, it is called as golden spice for its incredible uses. This herbaceous, rhizomatous flowering plant belongs to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It has very ancient history and many historians noted its origin as India. In addition to that researchers declared it as the most used spice in the medicinal fields of India and China. Production wise India holds the top place in the world chart followed by Pakistan and China.

Everyone in the world has a belief that nothing exists without negativity. You may doubt, is it the same case with turmeric also ? yes, says some health experts. They specifically suggest the below cons to support their comment.

Here are the cons with turmeric :
  • High intake of turmeric may increase the percentage of oxalate which is responsible for forming stones in the kidneys.
  • Over consumption of turmeric can result in inflammation and upset your stomach.
  • Most of the users rely on readymade turmeric powders which are maximum adulterated. These may include other fillers which affect our health condition. Especially for gluten intolerant people, these can make the situation more worse.
  • Even though turmeric is a great beneficiary in all aspects you may get shock knowing that over consumption of it may lead to digestive issues, headache and even skin problems.

If the above negative points of turmeric are avoided, then it can give splendid health benefits. For your information we show you some of the main advantages with turmeric.

Pros with golden spice :
  • Turmeric contains curcuminoid compounds which are great helpful for our health. The curcumin in it can reduce inflammation in our body.
  • The Curcuminoid compounds also protects the skin from free radical damage thereby avoiding early aging.
  • It can be termed as master in eradicating so many skin diseases like Psoriasis, eczema etc.
  • It is a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron. According to health experts you could get the minimum requirement of iron and manganese from one ounce of turmeric.
  • The special compounds in turmeric can help in eradicating diabetes, cancer and arthritis.
  • It is a cultural practice for the Indians to use turmeric as the best medicine for all digestive as well as skin problems.
  • According to Indian Ayurveda, turmeric with the combination of honey, milk or water can solve different issues related to heart and digestion. It is termed as the great protector of heart by so many cardiac specialists.
  • It is a traditional practice in India to use it as an antiseptic and painkiller for all type of wounds.
  • Like ginger tea, turmeric tea also provides great health benefits including the protection of kidneys and liver.
  • The aromatic bioactive compound turmerone in turmeric is very essential in promoting brain health.
  • These are just some of the enormous advantages, if we note down all the benefits the list goes on and never ends. So lets put a temporary end to the most beneficiary spice with a health tip.

    Health tip : For Respiratory issues, allergies and improving resistance power

  • Daily drink warm milk by adding small amounts of turmeric. It decreases any sleep disorders and respiratory issues.
  • Make paste with turmeric, neem leafs and apply on allergic parts, it will give great relief.
  • Daily swallowing two small pellets of turmeric on empty stomach increases your resistance power.

Published On Saturday, 29th December 2018