Health Benefits of Guava

Health Benefits of Guava

Uses Of Fruits:Health Benefits of Guava is the only fruit that we can say, cheap and best for our health. Now-a-days we are buying it in the market but there was a time when every house had a Guava tree. The fruit which we find abundant in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh reminds us about the sweet days when we used to climb a guava tree and fall down. Then how could such a fruit has cons? Let’s find out.

Coming to Pros, guava has vitamin c including some other antioxidants that are responsible for avoiding cancer. Especially it is a best medicine for breast cancer, intestine cancer, skin and liver cancer. Like any other c vitamin fruit, guava also increases the immune system and keeps the digestive system intact. Guava consists of vitamin A with antioxidants like carotene and lycopene which stops ageing. Also Physicians recommend it to every sugar patient as it has the ability to fight against diabetes. Beyond that Guava is also useful in keeping the heart diseases away, overcoming the problem of constipation and maintaining normal blood pressure. The abundant consisting of vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 makes the guava fruit as the right choice for active functioning of nervous system.

As there is a saying, we have the light because of the knight everything in this world has some pros as well as cons. Similarly guava has got some cons such as bloating. It contains large amount of fructose that our digestive system could not be able to handle it. Over consumption of guava leads to gastric problem as we can sense that our belly is filled with pot full of water. Over taking of guava also leads to diarrhea. That is why the health specialists say, limit your mouth to stay healthy otherwise you have to carry your own belly. But the natural experts are contradicting to health specialists as they say, any natural food is not at all poisonous and each one’s digestive system is typically different. So the choice is yours friends!

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Published On Thursday, 26th July 2018