Health Benefits of Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya

Uses Of Fruits:Health Benefits of Papaya is one of the most nutritious and sweetest fruit consumed in the world. Also known as Pawpaw, this native Mexican fruit plant belongs to the family of Caricaceae. Mostly liked by all section of people around the world, this juicy fruit has enormous health benefits, especially for digestive system. Hence it is frequently used in Ayurveda and other medicinal field as well. Production wise, over 13 to 14 million tons of Papayas are produced per year in which India holds major share with nearly 45%. So lets see what are the uses and drawbacks of this delicious fruit.

Health Benefits

  • Papaya leaf juice in smaller quantity is very much beneficial for reducing fevers like Dengue. These leaves also has the capacity to increase platelet count in our blood.
  • These leaves have anti malarial properties like acetogenin which can eradicate Malarial fever. This acetogenin is responsible for reducing cancer risks also.
  • Its leaf juice is very much helpful in avoiding liver diseases like jaundice.
  • The papain enzymes present in its leaves are very much useful for eradicating many digestive problems like constipation and ulcers.
  • Its leaves are very rich in vitamin C and A which are very essential for skin health.
  • These leaves are used in so many anti dandruff shampoos as it has rich alkaloid components.
Fruit :
  • Papaya fruits have enormous amounts of vitamin C, fibers and antioxidants which are much needed for protecting eye, increasing immunity and lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Presence of low calories make it as the best fruit for reducing body weight.
  • It is a good fruit for diabetic patients as it has very low sugar contents.
  • The papain enzyme of this fruit plays key role in improving the digestive system. For this reason, the unripe fruit is used as a vegetable to cook different curries as well.
seeds :
  • Papaya seeds provide all the benefits of leaf and fruit. These are primarily used as a cure for food poisoning in medicinal fields.
  • These seeds are dried under sunlight and made into powder to consume either with honey or milk.
  • Papaya seeds are also used in some Ayurvedic medicines which are made for the purpose of natural birth control.

Drawbacks :

  • According to some researchers the papain present in papaya can cause birth defects for a new born baby.
  • If you consume excess papaya the fiber contents may not be digested which results in bloating.
  • Some health experts say that, excess intake of this fruit may cause skin irritation which may lead to some allergies.
  • Tips : For Tonsils, throat infection and pain

  • One table spoon of unripe papaya fruit juice is mixed with one table spoon of honey.
  • Apply this mixture smoothly on the tonsils with a cotton stick.
  • Gargle this mixture to get instant relief from throat pain or infection.
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Published On Monday, 1st October 2018