Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits of Lemon

Uses Of Fruits:Health Benefits of Lemon is a typical fruit which is commonly used in cooking as well as non cooking items. Belonging to an evergreen citrus flowering tree Rutaceae, it is widely grown in all Asian countries. Especially in India, its demand is high as its juice is the most common drink after Tea and Coffee. Apart from juice, its peel and leaves are also very much beneficial in different ways. There are many varieties in lemon and each one has its own unique use. Then, what are the most common pros and cons with it ? Lets find out .

Uses of Lemon
  • We all know lemons are very rich in vitamin C and it is the primary vitamin to cure most of the diseases. Using a lemon daily can keep you safe from heart diseases and avoids the high blood pressure issue.
  • Drinking lemon juice daily increases the immune system and keeps you fresh all the time. Its juice also decreases the calcium levels in kidneys and eradicates the forming of stones.
  • Daily intake of lemon juice can improve the functioning of digestive system and avoids the problem of constipation.
  • As the potassium levels are high in lemon, it helps in maintaining normal blood pressure ensuring a healthy heart.
  • Lemon is also useful in avoiding many skin diseases, dehydration problem, stomach issues and helps in losing weight also.
  • In India most of the people use lemons to make pickles which is spicy and delicious. And its leaves are useful in making tea as well as a fragrant agent in different kind of food items.
  • The excess availability of citrus acid in lemon make it as a useful cleaning agent in kitchen also.
  • Acid foods leads to gastric problems, as lemons contain higher amount of citric acid, excess intake of lemon leads to indigestion and may even cause ulcers.
  • According to health experts the citric acid present in lemon can erase the enamel on the tooth.
  • In some people lemon fruits may cause allergic problems, migration and frequent urination also.

Any drawback related to the natural food items depend on excess intake. So anything in adequate amount doesnt harms your health. In this regard, health experts suggest to take lemon with other items rather than consuming it directly.

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Published On Saturday, 22nd September 2018