Health Benefits Of Sapota

Health Benefits Of  Sapota

Uses Of Fruits:Health Benefits Of Sapota or Sapodilla or Chikoo is considered as one of the most delicious fruit and an excellent source of various vitamins, especially vitamin C. Originated from Mexico the marvelous fruit has spread its sweetness to India in nineteenth century. Mostly called as Chikoo in India, it is highly grown in Kerala followed by Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Scientifically called as Manilkara Zapota, this fruit has enormous health benefits with less drawbacks. Lets see what are those in detail.

Benefits of Sapota (Chikoo) :
  • Sapota is an abundant source of vitamin A and C. For securing your Eye, skin health and preventing heart disorders, these vitamins are quite essential. Hence the doctors say never to miss this fruit.
  • Tannis, a special compound present in Chikoo has anti inflammatory properties which avert gastric problem and intestine disorders.
  • This fruit is highly recommended for children as well as pregnant women as it reenergizes with high amounts of sucrose and fructose.
  • Health experts say Sapota has very good amounts of vitamin B which is responsible for stress relief. Taking its juice frequently ensures relaxing of nerves.
  • For strengthening of bones calcium is needed and Sapota is a great source of it. So take at least three fruits for improving your bone quality.
  • Drinking Chikoo juice daily increases your immune system as it has large amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin kills free radicals and ensures effective functioning of internal organ system.
  • The protein content in this fruit is very high. It helps in maintaining body weight and also fights with diabetes and other heart related diseases.
  • According to beauticians drinking its juice daily smoothens the hair and avoids dandruff while ensuring healthy hair growth.
  • Sapota contains several minerals with high amounts of vitamin C and A which are responsible for safeguarding your skin from sun and other pollutants.
  • Rich in magnesium and Iron, it helps in controlling blood pressure and treats even anemia as well.
Drawbacks :
  • Anything excess makes it harmful and Chikoo is not an exception for it. According to health experts, daily 120 grams of sapota is enough and anything beyond the limit may result in weight gain.
  • Sapota is a fruit which everyone likes for its delicious taste. Hence there is a chance of eating excessively because of its taste and you may feel stomach pain.
  • Also eating unripe Sapota fruits may cause throat and stomach pain in children.
  • Health Tip : For reducing hair fall

  • Health experts suggest to drink daily one glass of chikoo juice to eradicate hair fall problem.

Published On Tuesday, 18th December 2018