Health Benefits Of Peanuts

Health Benefits Of Peanuts

Uses Of Commercial Crops:Health Benefits Peanuts or ground nuts are abundant source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These have enormous health benefits and can be used in various fields including Ayurvedic medicines. Especially in India, the roasted peanuts are the frequently used snacks in every house hold. For general cooking, its oil is widely used in America, China and some parts of Asia. Native to America and belonging to Fabaceae bean family, these ground nuts have innumerable health benefits. So lets see what are those in detail.


peanuts :
  • Peanuts has several nutrients that keep our metabolism intact. Its protein content is very much essential for body and brain development in children.
  • Lack of some key compounds in our blood vessels leads to depression. Peanuts has the capability to replace them.
  • Daily eating of peanuts can also eradicate the problem of gall stones and other kidney related problems.
  • Monounsaturated fatty diets are recommended for a healthy heart and these peanuts has all the qualities required for a healthy cardiovascular functionality.
  • You can reduce the body weight as well as increase it, depending on the intake of these peanuts.
  • Finally, the top crop and shell husk can be used for feeding animals.
Peanut Oil :
  • Peanut oil or ground nut oil is best suited for a healthy heart as they are rich in mono unsaturated fats. This oil also helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  • This oil is very much useful for protecting digestive system. Problems like diarrhea and constipation are solved by taking this oil daily.
  • The abundant presence of vitamin E in this oil keeps away certain types of cancers also.
  • As the peanuts are high in proteins, its oil is also a good source for body building purpose.
  • Regular usage of groundnut oil reduces the sugar levels which is quite essential for diabetic patients.
  • Apart from these, peanut oil is also used in preparing some soaps, paints, furniture polish and messaging oils.
Peanut butter :
  • Peanut butter is obtained from very good quality dry roasted peanuts and has high amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Same as raw peanuts, you can either reduce or increase your body weight with this butter. Usually it is given for children who hates to eat other forms of peanuts.
Peanut flour:
  • Peanut flour is obtained from the highest quality peanuts. So obviously it is also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Its flour gives all the health benefits that its nuts and oil provide.
  • This flour is of gluten free and has abundant quantities of fibers, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium which are essential for a healthy nutrient food.
Boiled Peanuts:
  • If you want to get the full benefits of the peanuts just boil them with the shells.
  • The shells of peanuts contain more antioxidants and other disease fighting properties that are absorbed by the peanuts when boiled in water. These are more healthier compared to other dry roasted and oil forms of peanuts.
  • Highly refined peanut oil may have some petroleum byproducts that are responsible for its contamination. These type of oils may result in liver damage if consumed excessively.
  • People who are allergic to nuts may find these Peanuts highly allergic. Some time these can be life threatening also. At this juncture avoiding the usage is recommendable.
  • Health tip : For healthy heart, hair and skin protection

  • Soak a hand full of peanut seeds in a bowl over a night and consume in the morning.
  • These nuts have rich proteins that keeps your heart healthy, strengthens your hair and keeps your skin fresh.

Published On Tuesday, 9th October 2018