Health Benefits Of Tobacco

Health Benefits Of Tobacco

Health Benefits Of Tobacco:Tobacco is considered as the most harmful and avoidable crop in modern times. According to research analysts, over 3 million people are dying per year using tobacco and this may increase in near future. It belongs to Nicotiana genus and is first noticed by Columbus, who later brought it to Europe. Although it leads to cardiovascular and other diseases there are actually some uses with it. It may look strange but it is true, says some analysts. So lets find out how much truth is in it !

Note : Our intension is to provide information about tobacco and this article doesnt support any tobacco usage or consumption.


Used in Tooth powder :

  • Most of the people dont know that some of the toothpaste companies use tobacco powder.
  • According to experts tobacco can remove yellow scaling on the teeth, provide relief from tooth ache, avoids gum bleeding etc. That is why most often we see our elders rub their teeth with tobacco leaves. But remember, excess in take can cause mouth cancer.

Ear Problems :

  • According to some health experts, dropping 2 to 3 drops of fresh tobacco leaves in the ear can cure all type of ear problems.

For hair problems :

  • In the Ayurvedic field, the good quality tobacco powder is used in various oils to remove bacteria, fungus and dandruff on the scalp.

Skin Problems :

  • Some researchers say that, ancient Americans have the habit of using tobacco leaves for snake bites.
  • The paste of the fresh tobacco leaves are helpful in both internal as well as external use for all type of snake bites.
  • The tobacco leaves are applied on the stings, burns to provide relief from the pain. As the tobacco contains vitamin C chewing of it ensures healthy skin, says some experts.

As an insecticide and pesticide :

  • Tobacco contains nicotine and other chemicals that are helpful in eradicating some insects as well as pests in the house and on the crops.

Harmful Effects :

  • Tobacco is the only herb that harms almost all parts of the body. According to health specialists nearly 8000 toxic chemicals are released when we smoke.
  • It leads to mouth cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, intestinal diseases and what not.
  • Smoking during pregnancy can worsen the condition of baby before the birth and further leads to so many disorders in the child.
  • Right now lung cancer is the most common threat caused by tobacco which is taking millions of lives per year.
  • It also decreases the ability to taste and smell apart from damaging your brain.
  • It leads to tooth aches, skin allergies and also a decrease in the sperm count.

The presence of Nicotine makes the people addictive for smoking. Its hard for any smoker to avoid it but there are so many rehabilitation centers including Ayurvedic, which can eradicate smoking. For beginners, avoid as much as possible says the health experts.

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Published On Thursday, 27th September 2018