Health Benefits Of Sugarcane

Health Benefits Of  Sugarcane

Uses Of Commercial Crops:Health Benefits Of Sugarcane can be termed as the best beneficial health substance available at cheap price. It belongs to the grass family of Poaceae and originated from New Guinea. It can be eaten directly or consumed by making juice. As a rich nutrient substance the juice of sugarcane is very common on the streets of India, especially on hot summer days. The sugarcane juice with a touch of lemon, mint and ice gives enormous taste. At present, India holds the highest place in terms of sugarcane production and consumption. But as a matter of fact it also has some cons, so lets find out what are the cons and pros with it.

  • The primary benefits of sugarcane comes up with its juice. It has high calories with no fat substances, a 100 gram sugarcane consists of approximately 250 calories of energy. The natural glucose contents present in it helps in maintaining muscle power.
  • It is used to make Jaggery which is a traditional sweet substance for preparing many household varieties. The sucrose present in it helps in healing wounds.
  • Sugarcane is also used in making alcoholic drinks like RUM, Cachaca, Basi etc.
  • Chewing of raw sugarcane strengthens the teeth and avoids any throat pain, cough and flu. It protects the teeth from decaying while increasing the shiny nature of teeth. Apart from that, sugarcane is also used as a substance in preparing biofuel.
  • It contains good amounts of glucose which gives instant energy when you feel tired. That is why every health specialist recommends this juice during hot summer days instead of any chemically made cool drinks.
  • The natural sugar contents in sugarcane has the potential to control the glucose levels in the blood. so this drink is also very much useful for diabetic patients also. But keep in mind that some type of diabetic patients are advised to consult the doctor before consuming it, especially type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Sugarcane contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and potassium. These nutrients are very much useful for fighting with cancer generating cells.
  • Moreover it is also very much handy in avoiding liver related issues like jaundice. It protects the liver from many infections by maintaining bilirubin levels.
  • Sugarcane acts as a good remedy for avoiding constipation. The typical qualities of it increases the immune system and protects the stomach.
  • Most of the sugarcane juice is prepared at contaminated places that results in so many health problems. So choosing fresh and clean sugarcane juice is important. Usually health experts recommend to drink it immediately after crushing from the canes, if you preserve it for longer periods it becomes toxic.
  • The higher amounts of calories present in sugarcane may result in weight gain if consumed excessively. In contradiction to that, it may result in bad functioning of digestive system that further causes vomiting and weight loss.
  • According to experts the excess intake of sugarcane juice results in allergy and headache in some people. Also it may show affect in cholesterol levels in the body. So daily not too excess or not too low, but moderate drinking of this juice is advisable.
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Published On Monday, 17th September 2018