Health Benefits Of Maize

Health Benefits Of  Maize

Uses Of Commercial Crops:Health Benefits Of Maize is said to be a rich source of Nutritional value. It contains large amounts of carbohydrates and vitamins that vitalize the human body. After wheat and rice it is the most consuming food in human diet around the world. It is of different types but, sweet corns and pop corns are commonly used by all section of people.

Advantages of corn
  • The health benefits of Maize or corn are countless. Intake of every 100 grams of corn gives 86 kilo calories of energy. Rich in carbohydrates and fibers with small amounts of proteins and vitamins, corns are best for keeping human metabolism intact.
  • It contains high levels of water and low levels of fat, as a result it can be used as one of the source to reduce body fat and dehydration.
  • Contradicting to the above statement, corns are also used to gain body weight. As it is a great producer of high calories, people with thin body can increase their weight with appropriate intake of corn food.
  • As corns are very low in fat, they are refined into cooking oil which is used commonly by the fatty people. It is a great food for heart patients.
  • Its richness in vitamin C makes it as a good food item for healthy eyes and skin diseases. It also plays a vital role in reducing hair loss problem.
  • It is great helpful in maintaining sugar levels, protecting bones. The presence of high antioxidants in maize helps in fighting with cancer.
Disadvantages of corn
  • Maize contains a typical protein that is indigestible leading to some skin allergies and vomiting.
  • Excess intake of corn can cause diarrhea and asthma.
  • As we said above corn is a good source of reducing sugar levels but, over eating can trigger the promotion of sugar levels again.
  • Generally starch containing foods are unsuitable for digestion. Corns are such type and over consuming can cause bloating. It is usually seen in gastric patients.
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Published On Thursday, 9th August 2018