Health Benefits of fruits and vegetables

This season make use of Custard Apple

This season make use of Custard Apple

Custard Apples also known as Sugar Apples have much minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other fibers that provide great health to us. It falls in to the category of fruits which has more beauty benefits. This delicious fruit is called as Sithaphal in India and very much liked by all sections of people for its sweetness. Native to the tropical America and West Indies, these Sugar apples belong to the shrub family Annona Squamosa. In India it is mostly available in wild form, especially in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar etc. It has several benefits apart from various side effects, so lets see what are those in detail.

Advantages of Custard Apple
  • Vitamin C is the key for fighting free radicals in our body and Custard Apple is considered as one of the best fruits to get maximum amount of it.
  • It is needless to say that the fruits with high vitamin C are very good for eyes as well as digestion. That is why the health experts suggest to eat these seasonal fruits without any miss to get maximum benefits for good sight and proper digestion.
  • Vitamin A, which is must for healthy hair and skin is present abundantly in this fruit. We can say that there would be no beautician in the world who could not suggest these sugar apples in the winter.
  • Also rich in Potassium and magnesium, custard apples are well suited for a healthy heart as it protects the heart from any cardiac disease.
  • The potassium content also helps in strengthening muscles and eradicates wearily feeling. Especially in India where most of the people find lazy during winters can be charged up by eating just one fruit.
  • Due to the presence of copper content, most of the health experts advice to take this seasonal fruit to avoid constipation and diarrhea.
  • For fleshless people, it is advised to eat these fruits at least one per day to put on some weight as it contains much calories.
  • The powder of the custard apple seeds is used as a pesticide for protecting plants. Not only that, the powder is also used for eradicating dandruff problem.
  • All the leaves, bark and seeds are very much useful in the field of Ayurveda as well as pharmaceuticals.
  • The juice of the leaves can heal the wounds on the body. Also drinking the boiling water of custard leaves can cure diabetes and avoids aging.
Drawbacks :
  • Although it is very much useful for fleshless people to put on some weight, these custard apples can result in too much weight gain for some people.
  • Because of its sweetness people used to eat them more in number which results in digestive problems and even give rise to diarrhea also.
  • Custard apples have more potassium, if the quantity is increased it may leads to vision problems, mood issues and dehydration.
  • It consists of more iron and too much consumption may cause stomach ache and other intestinal problems.
  • Health tips :For diabetes and high fever

  • Boil 2 to 3 leaves in water and drink every morning to avoid diabetes.
  • The bark of the Custard apple is made in to paste. Take 1/4th spoon of the paste and mix with a glass of warm water. Consuming this drink can cure high fever.
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Onions are the vegetables mostly used for adding flavor to the recipes. Belonging to the lily family genus Allium, these onions provide enormous health benefits. Like many other natural food items onions are also widely used in medicinal field. Its history is almost 7000 years old and thought to be originated from China. Production wise, China holds top place with 26 % followed by India with 21% of world production. It is a vegetable with more profits and less drawbacks, so lets see what are those.

  • Onions are the abundant sources of manganese that avoids cold and cough. It is very rich in nutrients like vitamin C, B6, iron and potassium that improves immunity system with effective blood functioning for a healthy heart.
  • Presence of vitamin C in large amounts makes it useful for skin and hair protection.
  • Eating raw onions daily ensures lowering the bad cholesterol levels, which means your heart is safe from any attacks.
  • Containing vitamin A, B and C makes it as the best food to stop aging and keeps you young.
  • Eating raw onions can also reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay. In addition to that, onions are also very good for curing diabetics.
  • For some insect bites, applying cut onion directly can provide relief from the pain and burning sensation. This is well proved in Honey bee bites.
  • Onions have a compound called quercetin, which is quite essential in eradicating cancer. Apart from that, onions also help in avoiding gastric ulcers.
  • Onions are very rich in vitamin A, which is most important for healthy vision, skin, bones and other tissues in the body.
  • Onions has a folic acid called folate which can help in reducing depression. These onions has the ability to cure mood disorders, increase sleep and improve digestion.
  • In some ayurvedic remedies, though it is scientifically not proven some people use onion juice to cure ear aches.
  • According to health experts onions can boost up your energy and it is the good source of increasing fertility in men.
  • The first drawback with it is bad smell as like as garlic, onions also give bad smell when you breathe out, feeling ashamed while interacting with others.
  • Although onions are good for skin protection, it can cause skin irritation for some people.
  • Excess consumption of onions can lower the blood sugar levels making even critical for diabetic patients.
  • Over intake of onions also results in digestive problems and may even cause vomitting. If at all any such thing happens it is advised to consult the physician.
  • Health tip : For cold and Ear ache

  • A spoon full of onion juice is mixed with same amounts of ginger juice and honey.
  • Take this mix early in the morning to get instant relief from severe cold.
  • For ear ache or loosening the wax, moderately heat small quantity of onion juice and pour in to the ear. Surely, it will reduce the pain and looses the wax to help you get rid of the ear.
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Drawbacks and benefits of Fenugreek

Drawbacks and benefits of  Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one more important flavoring and garnishing food item in the cuisine. Apart from that its uses as a medicinal herb are unimaginable, that is why it is called as multipurpose herb. Rich in several vitamins and minerals, it is originated from Asian countries. Coming to production, India has occupied top place in the world with Rajasthan being the stakeholder in its entire production. It belongs to the special category of plants where the total plant is consumed for great health. But that is all one side, fenugreek is also harmful to health. Lets see what are the drawbacks and benefits with it.

  • Like Peanuts, some people also feel allergic to fenugreek as it belongs to the same category.
  • People suffering with asthma and thyroid are advised to stay away from fenugreeks as they have the quality to worsen the situation.
  • Fenugreek have the tendency to interact with the drugs, so diabetic patients are advised to be careful while taking the medication as it may decrease the blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek is used to improve the breastfeeding capacity in mothers, but the excess intake can cause loose motions in mothers as well as newly born babes. Sometimes it can cause even diarrhea also.
  • It can lead to bad odor, people who take fenugreek regularly may find their body sweat and urine smell differently.
  • Also called as Methi in India, Fenugreek is a famous traditional herbal medicine. The leaves of it has prominent uses in cuisine. Like green tea, you can make simple tea with fenugreek leaves also, it has great health benefits.
  • Regular usage of its leaves can control the diabetes, avoids any heart risks, lowers blood cholesterol, improves the digestion and lowers the body weight.
  • It is good for protecting skin as it has many anti aging compounds.
  • Fenugreek is famously known as hair protector since it avoids dandruff, adds shine to the hair, prevents hair fall and early graying.
  • Fenugreek seeds have anticancer effects and the oil extracted from these seeds is used to fight against cancer.
  • It is a traditional practice to use the fenugreek flour to increase the breast milk production in pregnant women.
  • Its seeds have anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can reduce arthritis pains.
  • Health experts advice to take fenugreek seeds either directly or as a flour in cuisine, if you want to reduce your body weight.
  • Finally, its uses are enormous in the effective functioning of kidney and liver.
  • Health tip : For diabetes and weight loss

  • Add two tea spoon full of raw methi flour to half glass of butter milk. Consume it daily to control the diabetes.
  • For losing weight, soak one tea spoon of fenugreek in a glass of water overnight.
  • Early in the morning filter the water and consume on empty stomach. Do it for one month and you will see the improvement.
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Does Amla has negative effect on the body ?

Does Amla has negative effect on the body ?

In Indian culture, amla is regarded as the divine fruit which has enormous health benefits. Indians believe that it is originated from the drops of Amrit, which gives immortality. Also known as Indian gooseberry, amla belongs to the deciduous tree family called Phyllantaceae. The raw fruits can be consumed directly or in the form of juice, oil and powder. In Ayurvedic field, it is not less than an elixir, Such is the greatness of the fruit. But these are all one side and you may be shocked to know that this elixir has also got some drawbacks. Lets see what are those.

  • Although amla is useful in controlling the sugar level in the body, excess use of it leads to deficiency in glucose levels. As a result, it becomes toxic to diabetic patients.
  • Similarly if taken beyond the limits, it raises the problem of stomach cramps and constipation.
  • If it exceeds the prescribed limit, you may face the problem of diarrhea. Too much consumption also leads to stomach ache, so the medical experts suggest the pregnant women and children to avoid the excess intake of it.
  • If the amla juice is not taken with proper mixture of water it may leads to dehydration further resulting in skin dryness.
  • Because of the presence of vitamin C in larger amounts excess intake of amla juice also results in acidity.
  • According to some health experts, over intake of amla juice can cause allergy to some people. It may even result in vomitting and nausea, so it is advised to discontinue if any such thing happens.
  • It is a rich source of vitamin C and increases our immune system to great extent.
  • Daily intake of amla at limited quantities ensures lower cholesterol levels, which is very good for a healthy heart.
  • Amla is rich in antioxidants which prohibits the formation of free radicals. Therefore the chances of getting cancer are very less.
  • Amla juice reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and prevents the formation of any infections, ensuring great respiratory health.
  • Many health experts suggest to take amla juice regularly as it has the capacity to control the diabetes.
  • Daily consumption of amla juice is very good for eye sight as well as skin related issues.
  • Amla contains more number of antioxidants that improves the skin appearance and decreases the aging.
  • From traditional periods, amla is well used to avoid hair related problems. This is the reason why most of the hair product companies use amla as one of their by product.
  • Amla helps the liver to get back to its initial stage when it is effected by alcohol.
  • Health tip : For Anemia and Liver damage

  • Mix half glass of amla juice with half glass of sugarcane juice and drink it. It definitely reduces Anemia.
  • For a healthy liver, mix half glass of amla juice with half glass of grape juice and consume it.
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